Abraham's Seed

God's Plan ~ God's Promise ~ God's Providence


Hello!  Welcome to my LTC website.  This will be the second webpage that I have created for Leadership Training for Christ.  Last year (2011) we studied Revelation and I designed the website Crown of Life.  This year (2012) we are studying the book of Genesis and I am calling this website ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­–Abraham’s Seed.


I really enjoy this project because the websites I build can remain live on the web.  The Internet is a great way to share your faith and hopefully others will find my websites and want to learn more about the awesome love of God for His creation.  So many people don’t know.

About Me


My web name for this project is "Tabitha", a biblical name from Acts 9:36, which means gazelle


Tabitha was called by another name, Dorcas. She was a godly woman, a Christian, who did good works and charity. 

This was my name last year too.  I hope that I am growing each day to become more and more like Tabitha.  I did change my web face.  Last year I was only 10.  I’m 11 years old now.  I hope you like my site!


This website is my Leadership Training for Christ Project for April 2012. 

My initials are JSF and I am in 5th grade. 


After the project is complete, my mom leaves the site online and uses affiliate marketing to earn money to contribute to my education and upbringing and good works.