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My family and I attend worship services at the Westside Church of Christ, Round Rock, Texas. See more information below.



**Special Thanks Again**

It has been another fun and exciting year, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Brother Jay Burcham who was in charge of LTC, Brother Matt Prewett who was in charge of the web page project and to all the other saints at the church who work on LTC.  God sure does love us.




Early Worship    8:00 am

Bible Classes    9:30 am

Late Worship    10:30 am

Evening Worship    6:00 pm

Westside Church of Christ has 3 worship services on Sunday, the first day of the week, and also Bible classes for all ages.

Everybody is invited!

We hope that you accept the invitation of Jesus and come to worship.  The door of God's house is always OPEN and everybody is WELCOME!