Abraham's Seed

God's Plan ~ God's Promise ~ God's Providence


1.      God had a plan to redeem all of humanity.

2.      The beginning of God’s creation.

3.      Temptation by Satan to sin.

4.      Sin against the Lord; mankind’s disobedience.

5.      God’s promise to Abram (Abraham)

6.      Lives of holy men like Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph and how they walked before God.

7.      God keeps His promises.


  1. God created the heavens, the earth, and man; and made the Sabbath Day holy.
  1. Satan tempts God’s children, Adam and Eve, and they sin against the Lord, and are cast out of their first home.
  1. Noah preaches and warns people about the flood; builds the ark, the flood happens, and only eight souls survive (Noah’s family).
  1. Nimrod builds the Tower of Babel to reach the heavens and God confuses the language of the people to stop the work and they scatter upon the face of the earth.
  1. God calls Abram out of his homeland, the Ur of the Chaldees, promises to make of his seed a holy nation.


  1. Creation and the fall of man (Chapters 1 - 5)
  1. Noah, the flood;  Tower of Babel, and confusion of languages (Chapters 6-11 : 9)
  1. Lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.(Chapter 11: 10 – Chapter 36)
  1. The story of Joseph (Chapter 37 – 50) and how God brought His people out of bondage to fulfill His promise to Abraham.

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